The F-35 Is Now the World’s Most INSANE Stealth Fighter: Here's Why f 35 technology


F-35 라이트닝 II는 이제 세계에서 가장 지배적인 다목적 전투기입니다. 탐지 범위, 지리적 위치, 위협 식별 및 시스템 대응 기능을 통해 제트기는 러시아의 최신 SA-20 지대공 미사일(SAM) 시스템의 모든 계층을 포함하여 세계에서 가장 진보된 위협을 정확하게 수정하고 파괴할 수 있습니다. .

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The F-35 Is Now the World’s Most INSANE Stealth Fighter: Here's Why
The F-35 Is Now the World’s Most INSANE Stealth Fighter: Here's Why

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The F-35 Is Now the World’s Most INSANE Stealth Fighter: Here's Why
f 35 technology
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23 thoughts on “The F-35 Is Now the World’s Most INSANE Stealth Fighter: Here's Why f 35 technology

  1. Just a question to anyone that actually knows/flies the F35…
    Is it really that much better than the F-16 or the F/A-18?

    I mean it looks high tech but the development costs have claimed a huge amont of our taxpayers' money, goïng over the calculated budget several times.
    Our government was looking to replace the F-16 and was also interested in the Dassault Rafale and the Saab Gripen, but they eventually chose to join in on the development of the F-35 (the most expensive option).
    So does the technological advancement of this plane justify the costs, or is this just America that wants to sell weapons?

  2. Yes, it is the most insane stealth fighter in the world and here is why: overpriced, avionics has a problem, using the higher speed only in case of emergency, overheating, problems with pressure in the cabin, supersonic flight causing degradation of coating, bad and unpredictable handling in dogfight, struggling while landing, poor performance of batteries in cold conditions, night vision system has a serious problems, problem with computing power and software, etc…that is why more than 60% of F35 are grounded indefinitely…………domination my ass.

  3. Can these swiitn off stealth ? I've gotten used to tracking fa18ss on my old furuno 48 mile boar radar last year started to see weaker blips at same speed still enough too get a course and speed . Imagine my surprise when I finally got a visual to find my shitty old furuno tracked our newest radar invisible gigabuck fighter.

  4. i think it is better for burning money. f 35 is very modern but its speed is far behind f 16,mig 21 because the speed of both types of aircraft is very fast and f 35 only has a speed of march 1.6 .Secondly, its production and maintenance costs are very expensive (many times more than the f 22). The F 35 cannot withstand lightning because the OBIGGS gas protection system has many problems so it cannot protect the machine. fly before lightning strikes. Thirdly, the ventilation system of this aircraft does not allow it to fly higher than 6000 meters and does not reach more than 1,829 m/min. As well as reducing the fuel tank protection to make the aircraft lighter making it vulnerable to damage and exploding if hit by bullets. Fourth, the f 35's tires are for the US Marines so it wears out at a rapid rate. unacceptable levels when operating as a normal fighter. The type of tires that Dunlop currently supplies have been improved, but the quality is still unacceptable. Fourth is the F35B model used on the aircraft carrier. flying is having problems with its propellant heat as the heat damages the runway and many systems near the flight deck can be damaged by the F-35B landing and taking off too close to the weapons, antennas, fuel outlets, fuel hoses, lifeboats, railings, protective nets, some electrical equipment and most other equipment. Fifth, aircraft radars usually do not work and the vest is too hot. With regard to maintenance, instead of taking only two hours as planned to replace the engine, the aircraft took up to 52 hours. It will also malfunction overnight at 15°C so it must be stored in a heated house. The aircraft was not as reliable as expected and required more maintenance than expected[35]. The F-35 also can't take off or the engine is suddenly shut down if its refueling is above 40 degrees Celsius, making maintenance and refueling in hot climates troublesome. build shady parking lots, or install coolers for fuel trucks). Countries like Turkey, Japan, Australia, Israel… will be surprised to find out that the most advanced fighter they plan to buy will not be able to take off when the temperature exceeds the allowable threshold. summer. Finally, when it flies at a speed (Mach 1.2), its invisibility paint will peel off, causing the F-35 to lose its stealth ability. Therefore, the US Air Force had to ask pilots not to fly above the speed of sound during training flights, because otherwise, after every flight, the F-35 would have to be taken to the factory to be repainted. shell, which is very expensive in terms of time and cost. So the russian su 30 is better than the really powerful but buggy f 35, f 35.

  5. Every statement in this video is way, way off. Pilots hate it. They might say they love it because if you don't go along with the narrative, your career suffers. It's a flying substandard brick. Suggesting it costs $71 million is insane. Our stupid ass congress set aside $225 billion for this junk program and oops, it's over $2 trillion now. That's how much money is in the entire SS account. When an f35 fell,out of the sky into the sea today, it costed me $225 BILLION. That's 9 planes we've lost in non-combat BS. And who the hell are they fighting? Did the American people approve a war. NOT SINCE DECEMBER 8. 1941 has the people declared war. Four presidents warned us that the military industrial complex is filled with psychotic pedophiles and cowards. Four !!! $225 billion splash. But it saved money because now we won't have to spend money maintaining that particular soup can and paying for "Manuevers". Do I sound bitter? I am a patriot of the United States fighting against the traitor inside America. Join me and we will stop George Bush's New wOrld Order plans. Make it a great day the Lord hath made

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