How to Create a Marketing Plan | Step-by-Step Guide digital marketing campaign

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How to Create a Marketing Plan | Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Create a Marketing Plan | Step-by-Step Guide
digital marketing campaign
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45 thoughts on “How to Create a Marketing Plan | Step-by-Step Guide digital marketing campaign

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  3. A very good video in Marketing with lots of useful inputs. Perhaps, next time, a Marketing Plan presentation in GROWING ADVOCACY YOUTUBE CHANNELS will give you millions in viewers instantly. Specially if it come with FREE strategies, techniques, and visually-appealing templates too.

  4. As a marketing consultant and trainer, I wanted to let you know that your video labelled 'How to Create a Marketing Plan' is labelled incorrectly. What you are covering in your video is a marketing strategy, not a marketing plan. Just to clarify a marketing strategy includes things like an executive summary and outlines everything from your SWOT analysis, your goals, competitive research and your target audience (personas) etc…On the other hand, a marketing plan is what you would create after your marketing strategy, as it is the roadmap to how you will carry out the agreed upon marketing strategy. Your marketing plan would outline what marketing mix i.e. what social channels and digital platforms you will use, what content you will create, what your CTAs (call-to-actions) will be, how long your campaign will run for and how your campaign will be analysed/measured to see if you have met your goals. .

  5. The executive summary needs to be done at last, since it is a page of the conclusion of your marketing plan instead of making it like an introduction, pretty sure u are not an expert on marketing. Better not confusing somebody into this, I suggest everyone who watches this video go watch sth else other than this. The contents are not accurate and sometimes misleading.

  6. i have questions regards what it the steps before start the marketing plan, is segmentation first, then target my market, set my brand positioning then go into the marketing plan?

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