2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence a i technology 2021


2021년은 인공 지능 기술 분야의 발전 측면에서 놀라운 해였습니다. AI는 새로운 능력을 얻었고 이전에는 인간만이 수행할 수 있었던 여러 직업을 인수하는 미래의 위업을 달성했습니다. 자율 학습, 맞춤형 AI 가속기 또는 뉴로모픽 칩이든 AI의 미래는 정말 밝습니다. 이 비디오에서 2021년의 가장 큰 기술 발전과 머지않아 어떤 미래 기술이 나올지 보여드리겠습니다. —– 매일이 기술적 특이점에 더 가까운 날입니다. 걷고 생각하는 법을 배우는 로봇, 화성으로 날아가는 인간, 마침내 기술 자체와 융합하는 우리를 경험하세요. 그리고 그 모든 일이 일어나면서 우리 AI News는 인류의 절대적인 최첨단 최고의 기술 발명품을 다룹니다. —– 타임스탬프: 00:00 AI 패권의 시작? 01:34 맞춤형 AI 하드웨어 04:01 AI가 완전히 생성한 미디어 05:49 Self-Supervised Learning 07:20 자율주행 자동차 08:49 실제로 지능적인 AI Assistant 10:42 Last Words —– #ai #technology # 2021년 .

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2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence
2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

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2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence
a i technology 2021
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  1. So, what is your opinion on these advancements? Which one of them do you think holds the most promise in the long term? Are there any new technologies I've forgot to mention which you believe to be a huge game changer?
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  3. Born in 1998, I remember big box TVs with shelves of VHS tapes next to them in 2001, Flat screen TVs with shelves of DVDs next to them in 2011, and all forms of screens from phones to tablets to TVs with no need for shelves thanks to internet and instant streaming in 2021.

  4. See we believe in AI it's accurate enough to know if something facts or fiction. True or false. Pin Point. The more successful it becomes the more we cannot deny if it was to be more direct. Where things began where it comes from and much more. Many will fall short cause of AI cause there not the Co founders. Living off the benefit of someone else credit which will be giving unto the creator of. Or idea. Want to go deeper ask AI

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  6. It's becoming clear that with all the brain and consciousness theories out there, the proof will be in the pudding. By this I mean, can any particular theory be used to create a human adult level conscious machine. My bet is on the late Gerald Edelman's Extended Theory of Neuronal Group Selection. The lead group in robotics based on this theory is the Neurorobotics Lab at UC at Irvine. Dr. Edelman distinguished between primary consciousness, which came first in evolution, and that humans share with other conscious animals, and higher order consciousness, which came to only humans with the acquisition of language. A machine with primary consciousness will probably have to come first.

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